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Frequently Asked Questions about

How much do I need to pay for my order?

On the main page, you will see the icon in which you need to choose what kind of writing you are interested in. When the academic level, deadline, type and the size of your writing are chosen – the price will be calculated. We want you to know that we are not the cheapest writing helper on the internet because we don’t sacrifice the quality.

How can I choose the deadline?

You can choose your work to be done either three hours or three days. If you’re not in a hurry, we advise you to order in advance because the price will be less cheap.

Do you format the paper?

Sure. We understand that the written text has to look good, presentable and that everyone has their own formatting requirements. Hence, it will be great if you provide information about formating when placing an order.

What types of assignments do you write? Can I choose?

Of course, you can choose any writing assignment you want. We provide all of them. Starting from essay to the coursework, from undergraduate to professional level.

Can I choose the previous writer again?

We do provide the option that is called “Choose my previous writer”. By choosing this option, you maintain the same style of your writing assignment. Don’t worry if you’re a preferred writer will not be available – we have plenty of professionals who will be ready to complete your assignment at the highest level.

Can I adjust my order?

You will receive a high-quality paper anyway, but if you still want to change your order – choose the “Top writer” option. Note, that the price for it will be increased automatically.

Can I become a VIP client?

We do provide a VIP customer service feature. All your requests will be handled in the first place, and you automatically become a first priority client. 

I need an abstract for my paper, can I order it?

For our talented writers, it’s not a problem to create an abstract. Just add this requirement when placing your order. In order to do it professionally, the writer has to have a different set of skills – that is why the price of this service will be higher. 

How do I know what sources were used whet writing my order? Can I get them?

This option is available. Select the “Sources used” extra. By doing this you will get a digital copy of all the sources that were used.

Is a table of contents provided?

Yes, we do provide it. Nothing creates a better first impression of your writing assignments then a great looking table of contents. Hence, we are doing our best to create a professional table of contents, and to make you succeed. All you need to do in order to get the service is to choose “Table of contents” extra service while placing your order. Is it possible for the writer to miss the deadline? Unfortunately, it can happen. If the deadline has been missed – you need to notify our customer support representatives. The deadline can be missed because of the customer or the writer. Hence, your case will be examined and after it, we will explain to you what should be done: if the deadline was writers fault – the price will be recalculated and a refund will be made to the customer.